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Audit Accountants - Auditors (2)

Location: Chicago, IL
Job Type: Direct Hire
Salary: $50,000.00 - $65,000.00
Degree: Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Science;
Date: 4/11/2016
Job ID: 02346329
Job Description
In fulfilling the Firm's mission, the A&A Staff Accountant – Staff 2 performs Staff 1 level assignments without supervision, and is able to approach assignments independently and judge when supervision is necessary. The Staff 2 handles complicated areas of an audit, monitors audit objectives and is responsible for completion of significant segments of an audit, such as inventory, investments, fixed assets, long-term debts. Depending on the size and complexity of the engagement, a Staff 2 may function as a light Senior Accountant, and develops the skills to attain the Senior level.
The Staff 2 supports the Firm's goals and values through all professional communications and the maintenance of positive working relationships. In addition to those of the Staff 1, the Staff 2 assumes the following responsibilities:

? Works on various audit, accounting, or tax engagements under direct supervision of a superior (depending on the size of the engagement, the supervisor could be a Senior Accountant, Supervisor, Manager or Partner)
? Understands the audit objectives, performs related audits steps and prepares workpapers related to the “basic” and more complex audit areas.
? Prepares workpapers following the Firm policies and procedures
? Prepares financial statements, including the drafting of “basic” footnotes
? May function as “in-charge” by controlling assignments, due dates, and flow of work through completion
? Whether or not functions as “in-charge”, actively participates in the audit planning process, and begins to participate in the engagement wrap-up process
? Prepares typical business and some personal income tax returns
? Brings unusual/significant accounting and auditing questions to the supervisor
? May research GAAP questions under supervision
? Performs any other work assigned by a superior
? Follows the Firm's policies & procedures, and utilizes its manuals, forms and relevant software

Specific areas of responsibilities include:
• Performs audit, review, compilation or accounting procedures as assigned by supervisors
• Documents understanding of accounting systems and transaction flows, reviews and tests internal controls
• Understands basic business environment performs basic analytical procedures
• Prepares working trial balance and adjusting journal entries
• Maintains property and equipment records, and calculate depreciation and amortization
• Prepares and reconciles account schedules as required
• Prepares, mails and controls confirmation requests
• Performs year-end inventory observations
• Compiles all necessary data and paper files and supplies to support fieldwork
• May be responsible for documenting engagement planning
• Contributes to the development of client-centered management letters

? May be responsible for supervising Staff 1 accountants
? Participates in training Staff 1 accountants
? May acts as a mentor to Staff 1 accountants
? Organizes and schedules work in order to handle multiple assignments.

? Understands key elements of client care and service
? Develops personal marketing plan / programs
? Gains an understanding of all xxxxxxx services
? Develops an awareness of Firm marketing strategies
? Participates in community activities, and may begin to establish external referral network
? Begins to develop client peer network
? Develops writing, communication, inter-personal and other human relation skills

? Supports departmental goals, policies and guidelines
? Assumes responsibilities as a "champion" in specific departmental software applications
? Participates in other administrative activities as requested by the Partners, Managers, Supervisors or Senior Accountants

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